How to save photos from your digital camera

Once you have taken photos with your digital camera, you need to store them somewhere. You can always leave them on the memory card, but it would become quite expensive, so let's explore some other options.

1. Transfer your images to your computer. Most cameras are delivered with a wire to connect your camera to your computer, a CD with a download program and an instructions booklet. The transfer of images is fast and simple. Once on the computer, you can delete images from your memory card and start taking more photos.

2. Burn your images on a CD. If you have a CD burner on your computer, you can create photo discs to store or share with others. Regarding photos, it is often preferable to use a CD that cannot be written. This will make it possible to lose precious photos. Labo the CD and store it where it can be easily obtained when you need to see your photos.

3. Store your images on a public website. There are many photo reception sites on the internet. Some invoice the service, but many are completely free. You have the choice to protect your images or share them with the world. This option helps if your computer should crash. Your photos are safe.

4. Print your images and place them in a photo album. Many people still like to shoot the pages of a photo album and review the memories. This also allows people without a computer to view your photos.

5. Create a photo gift. There are places that will take your digital image and place it on shirts, mousepads, cups, calendars and many other articles. These make wonderful gifts and offer a way to keep a darling image nearby at any time.

These are just a few suggestions. Using your creativity, you will find many more ideas.

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